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AXATP with full name of "AXA Tianping Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited" , currently is the largest foreign-capital property and casualty insurance company in China market. AXATP is determined to
become a industry leader in domestic e-insurance field.

AXATP is established by merger and acquisition between Tian Ping Auto Insurance Company Limited, the first auto-insurance-specialized company in China, and the wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest global
insurance group AXA in China. By combining AXA’s solid financial state, prominent brand equity and leading professional business skills with Tian Ping’s extensive local experiences, resources and service
network, AXATP is committed to provide customers with prompt, convenient and reliable insurance service.

The headquarters of AXATP is located in the Lu Jiazui financial area in Shanghai with registered capital 846 million RMB. The company offers a variety of insurance products, mainly including motor vehicle traffic
accident liability compulsory insurance, commercial motor vehicle insurance, SME general insurance, home insurance, cargo insurance, liability insurance, short-term accident insurance, health insurance and etc.


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