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Claim Procedures:

  • In case of personal accident or sickness, please consult medical doctors and retain all original medical bills, records, examination reports, hospital discharge notes, etc.
  • For direct billing services, please call our contact Medilink at its 24/7 toll free hotline at 95550 for consulting.
  • For emergency medical attention, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, you could always contact AXA-Assistance at (86) 10 8468 5628.
  • You can find detailed information in 'Claim Guide of AXA Smartcare Exclusive' handbook along with the policy issued. (You can download here);

Basic Supporting Documents:

  • Formal loss notice form:
    • Health Loss Notice (You can download here);
      Please refer to above loss notice for details
Online Claims submission

You would like to make a claim at the 1st time after the accident? Online Claims submission service enables you to do that right now.

Click here to report a claim on Health & Accident Insurance.

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